Center Administration

A Center administrator has the ability to administrate their center users, participants, and meetings, as well a generate reports specific to their center.  You must be logged with an account that has center administration privileges.

How to add a user...

From the Center menu, click on Users:

When Manage Users appears, click on the Add User button:

This will bring up the "New User" form:


The following roles can be selected when adding users:

  • Center Admin - this person can administrate everything about their center and only their center (services and meetings) and can view reports for their specific center.  A center admin can also update contact information for participants in their center as well as add non-meeting contacts.
  • Report Only - this person can only view reports for the center to which they are assigned.
  • Guest - this person has no privileges.

How to add center services...

Please create all the people to whom service requests will be emailed should already be added as users to the system.

From the Center menu, click on Center Services:

Then click on the Add Service button:

Fill in the form, including the person (the "service provider") that should receive an email when a service is requested. 

The "Display Order" determines the order in which services are presented to the Participant.

Here's an example of a filled in form:

Once saved, you will see the service added to the list of services for your center. 

You can change the service name, center provider, and display order by clicking on the field in the grid and changing the value.

Service Request Emails

During a meeting (or when a non-meeting contact is added), new services that a participant requested will be sent to the person designated as the "Service Provider" for that service.  Here is an example email (not all fields were filled out during participant registration, which is why some of them are blank):

How to add a center meeting...

This assumes you have already created one or more centers.  As a Center admin, you can create meetings for different centers.

From the Center menu, click on Meetings:

Click on the "Add Meeting" button:

Fill in the form.  The fields "Other Activities" and "Notes" can be left blank:

  • Participants register using a PIN - in the above form, do not enter the center's PIN prefix, just the PIN itself. 
  • Participants can register 15 minutes before the actual start time of the meeting, and any time during the meeting.
  • Meeting dates can be set for any date in the future.

Once you save a new meeting, you'll notice that the PIN is prefixed with the center's prefix, for example, here our center prefix is "00":

You can change anything about the meeting by clicking on the desired field and updating the value.

Deleting Meetings

Meetings can be deleted before the meeting has occurred.  After the meeting has happened, the meeting cannot be deleted.

How to view participant info...

You can view the participants that have attended your center's meetings by clicking on "Center" and selecting "Participants":

This is a "view only" list of your participants.

You can use this list to quickly search for a participant's contact information.  Enter the search criteria in the text boxes, for example, searching by last name:

The list will automatically filter participants a second or so after you stop typing

How to view participants by meeting date...

To view participants that have attended meetings and to filter by a specific meeting date, select "Center" from the menu, then "Participants by Meeting Date":

All participants for all meetings will initially be shown.  You can filter the list by a specific meeting date by selecting a meeting date, for example:

You can also filter the list by the participant's name (as well as other fields) which is useful for seeing all the meetings the participant has attended.

How to view all requested services...

You can view all requested services by clicking on "Center", then "Participant Requested Services":

This brings up a list of all the services each participant has requested.  You can filter the list by the participant's name or by the service.  This is useful if you want to see all the services a particular participant has requested (filter by participant's name), or all the participants requested a particular service (filter by service name):

How to look up a participant and update contact information...

If you need to change the contact information for a participant, select "Center" from the menu, then "Lookup Participant":

This brings up a search form:

Enter the first or last name of the participant.  All the participants matching that name will appear in the list on the right, including their DOB if there is more than one participant with the same name.  Select the desired participant by clicking on their name.  Once selected, the "Select Participant" form will shrink and you can view and update the contact information for that participant (this is a partial screenshot, it doesn't show all the fields you can update):

Click the "Save" button at the top or bottom of the form to save your changes.

To look up another participant, click the down arrow button to open up the search form again:

How to add a participant...

You can add a participant even if they haven't attended a meeting.  While not common, this is useful if the participant was unable to attend a meeting due to illness or some other reason but they would still like to be in the system.  Click "Center" on the menu, then "Add Participant":

This brings up the contact form (not all fields shown in the example):

Add the contact information and click Save.  Participants who have been added this way (without attending a meeting) will show up in the Participant list but they will not appear in the "Participants by Meeting Date" list until they have actually attended a meeting.

How to add a participant contact...

You can add a contact record (usually an external contact, not a "center meeting" contact) by clicking on "Center" on the menu, then selecting "Add Contact Record":

This brings up the search form (see above).  Once you've selected a participant, you can update their information (not all fields shown in this example):

This includes whether they've given birth (add a child), whether they're breastfeeding status has changed for each child, and whether they are changing the services that they are requesting.

When done, click "Save" to add the new contact record.

How to view center statistics...

To view participant statistics, click on "Reports", then "Center Statistics":

This brings up the statistics for your center (not all fields shown here):

You can filter the statistics by a variety of date ranges:

If you select "Custom", you can enter the beginning and ending date range for which to filter the statistics:

The statistics include:

  • Total participants
  • Total meetings
  • How many past meetings you've had
  • How many meetings are scheduled in the future
  • Total participant attendance
  • Number of participants requesting additional services
  • How many participants have attended exactly once
  • How many participants have attended in the last 30/90/365 days
  • The % of moms who began attending while breastfeeding
  • The % of moms who began attending while pregnant
  • The % of moms who began attending while both pregnant and breastfeeding
  • The % of moms who began pregnant and returned after the pregnancy

There are also statistics on the survey questions:

  • How did you hear about BMBFC?
  • Why attend a BMBFC meeting?
  • Why return to a BMBFC meeting? (only asked to returning participants)
  • How valuable was the participant's experience? (only asked to returning participants)
  • What was the participant's experience? (only asked to returning participants)
  • Were the participant's expectations met? (only asked to returning participants)

All of the survey questions have donut charts, for example:

There is also an age distribution graph at the very bottom:

How to view the total number of attendees in each meeting:

For planning future meetings, you can view the number of participants and additional attendees from previous meetings.  Click on "Reports" on the menu, then "Center Meeting Statistics":

This brings up a list of all meetings:

You can filter the information in this list, typically by meeting date.