Site Administration

A BMBFC Administrator has the ability to administrate centers, users, and meetings for the entire BMBFC website.  You must yourself have BMBFC Admin privileges in order to perform the functions described in this section.

How to add a user...

From the Admin menu, click on Users:

When Manage Users appears, click on the Add User button:

This will bring up the "New User" form:

The Center can be left blank if the user is not associated with a center.  Click save when done.


The following roles can be selected when adding users:

  • Super Admin - this person has all the privileges of users, center admins, and BMBFC admins, and in addition can configure all the data in the system, such as survey questions and participant questions.
  • BMBFC Admin - this person has all the privileges of users and center admins, and can add centers to the system as well as assign users to any center, set up center services for any center, and set up meetings for any center.  A BMBFC admin can generate reports for all centers being managed by the site, not just individual centers.
  • Center Admin - this person can administrate everything about their center and only their center (services and meetings) and can view reports for their specific center.  A center admin can also update contact information for participants in their center as well as add non-meeting contacts.
  • Analyst - this person can only view reports for the center to which they are assigned.
  • Guest - this person has no privileges.

How to add a center...

Please create the center administrator user (see above "Create Users") before adding a center.  This way, you can pick the correct center administrator right away.

From the Admin menu, click on Centers:

Click on the Add Center button:

Fill in the information, making sure that the PIN prefix is a unique number and short (for example, two digits).  Here's an example with filled out data:

Click on Save when the form is filled in.

How to add center services...

Please create the center (see above) before adding services to a center.  Also, all the people to whom service requests will be emailed should already be added as users to the system.

From the Admin menu, click on Center Services:

Then click on the Add Service button:

Fill in the form, including the person (the "service provider") that should receive an email when a service is requested. 

The "Display Order" determines the order in which services are presented to the Participant.

Here's an example of a filled in form:

How to add a center meeting...

This assumes you have already created one or more centers.  As a BMBFC admin, you can create meetings for different centers.

From the Admin menu, click on Meetings:

Click on the "Add Meeting" button:

Fill in the form.  The fields "Other Activities" and "Notes" can be left blank:

  • Participants register using a PIN - in the above form, do not enter the center's PIN prefix, just the PIN itself. 
  • Participants can register 15 minutes before the actual start time of the meeting, and any time during the meeting.
  • Times are local to the timezone of the center holding the meeting.  If you're adding a meeting for a center in a different time zone, make sure you enter the start and end time's for their local time. 
  • Meeting dates can be set for any date in the future.

Once you save a new meeting, you'll notice that the PIN is prefixed with the center's prefix, for example:

You can change anything about the meeting by clicking on the desired field and updating the value.

Deleting Meetings

Meetings can be deleted before the meeting has occurred.  After the meeting has happened, the meeting cannot be deleted.